I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed. If you believe it’s impossible you will finish where I started

Be realistic: You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, ‘I feel good, I have my health, and I’m so blessed.’ That’s the way I choose to look at it.

It is very complex to explain to all of you, that never tried to live a healthy life style, how to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle / body shape

I’ve decided to divide this topic in several fazes, and present you each week one of it. In that way, you can adopt and apply ( hopefully) all of them without extra stress and feeling it’s too much and you can’t handle it.

You don’t get into amazing shape by drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, eating moderate amounts of junk food, and exercising moderately a couple times a week. (As You don’t become a billionaire by working 40 hours a week). Extreme results require extreme efforts.

True change starts at the end of a comfort zone! I exercise all my life. For me it’s a part of daily routine, as washing my teeth. Since I was 10 years old which makes it 40 years of active sport ! 🙂 And the upside is, if you have already built a strong foundation over the years, it’s not that hard to get it back. It’s never too late to learn how to be fit and beautiful. People who start exercising later in life gain many of the same health benefits that lifelong exercisers enjoy. If you’re having trouble developing an exercise routine, here are some helpful tips to motivate you as well as to maximize your workout.

I exercise on most days, but Im mixing it.

I’m thoughtful about my meals.

I eat a lot of protein.

I don’t eat bread.

Im eating ASAP in the a.m. max 45 min from the moment I wake up.

I front-load my food.

I eat regularly and always have snacks ( fruit, almonds..to avoid going overboard, I try to keep things like candy and cupcakes out of my home. Out of sight, out of mind, and not in my mouth).

I only indulge in unhealthy foods when

I’m out.

I actually drink alcohol moderately (but better not at all).

I think of food as fuel — it’s what my body needs for the activity level I’m going to experience after consumption. It’s why often eat non-traditional morning foods like quinoa in the morning, then end my day with a lighter meal, like an egg white omelette with veggies.

I try new things in the gym ( at least one totally new workout each week).

I work different body parts on different days.

I watch the clock during my workouts and waste no time.

I don’t mess with my phone while I’m work out ( not taking my phone with me while in the gym).

As I’m traveling a lot I find random ways to stay active when there’s no time for a Real Workout.

I don’t really rest on rest days.

( I am actually pretty active while not exercising, running around and producing different content )

I don’t let busy days turn into cheat days.

( On days I don’t have time to workout, I make sure I eat very clean. But when I’m fully working out I let myself to take spaghetti or slice of pizza)

It takes a motivation and discipline to stick to your plan on a long run. Mass majority of the people are in terrible shape, so you have to look at where you’re starting. Make fitness a non-negotiable priority. Like eating, breathing and sleeping. We just need to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. That entails the obvious, but all too neglected habits of, eating better quality foods, sleeping more, breathing deeply and finding happiness to live a more balanced life. Are you the one of those people who spends a lot on clothes but little on food?

You need to have three things in place to stick to the new lifestyle.

First you need a purpose. If you want a better life, physical movement is the “ON” switch. Secondly: you need to plan all your workouts in advance — what you’re going to do and what time you’re going to do it. It’s like making an “appointment with a healthy choice” that can change your life for the better. And third, you need people to be accountable to. Being in great shape is easy when friends and family who want the same things, help to hold you accountable.

Always keep in mind:

I’m taking a good care of my body. .. It’s a vehicle for my soul. 🙂

That’s all philosophy.

Next topic I will dedicate to is: food. The shortest I can tell you for now: I don’t eat refined sugars or flour, or any foods that have had pesticides sprayed on them. … but since long time ago.. since the time, when dieting was not fashion too 🙂

I’m eating avocado a day, while making sure that I’m getting as many nutrients as possible with every meal. I rely on an all organic diet that consists of mostly vegetables and meat, fish, sea fruits ..staying away from processed foods.

Lots of fruits and water

Fresh juices

No alcohol no cigarets

Eat the food that has only one ingredient!

The next whole topic will be how to maintain your skin (here is the shortest introduction to it):

If you want to start the day off right, you need to begin thinking about your skin the night before. That’s my philosophy. First, I’m taking all care to be sure that I have removed my make up completely ! before going to bed. My mother has been telling me this since I was a teenager, now I repeat it often 🙂 but that’s really the best tip. Than I apply one evening Shiseido bio performance cream, the next one pure Argan oil or virgin Coco oil. You can find it in the various shops that sell natural products. Treat your skin well by using quality cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (essentially, something that won’t clog pores and/or otherwise make your skin more breakout-prone). Quality doesn’t mean immediately expensive. Seek out products that will keep your face hydrated but not make it oily. Remember that what is an almost-magic potion for one person may not work at all for another In the morning just a light hydrating cream and make up..

Don’t forget to moisturize 🙂

We are all the architect of our own biology

Dr Bruce Lipton former researcher

Stanford university wrote the book the Biology of Belief the book that I strongly recommend

Pls feel free to write down in the comment section all your suggestions of the further Topics as well as your impressions.

Love you my beautiful divine souls. Love you just the way you are 💋❤️

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Realfashionist is a piece of my heart and soul, that inspires me from daring elegance to smooth classics …from clothes to accessories that allow me to say who I am without saying a word. Building your own style, that doesn’t follow any rules, but simply expresses how you feel at that moment… shows who you are, what you dream of, long for, and sometimes the little desires you have. If you trace a line between 100 years old fashion photos and mine, you’ll see the common theme - lifestyle & character. If a musician dreams in sounds, I capture my imagination through fabrics, colors and style. It does not represent my mental state, but rather the emotions of the moment. Emotions that I express with strength & feminine force.

30 thoughts on “I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed. If you believe it’s impossible you will finish where I started

  1. ODLICAN tekst, tako mi je drago da si se odlucila pisati. Mozes ubaciti i nesto na teme knjiga, meditacije, obrazovanja…tvoje misljenje o tome.
    Hvala ti za ovo, uzivala sam citajuci.


  2. I love how simple you are and the life style. While everybody is making it hard.. the best way actualy is to go back to simple life.
    I will read whatever you post. Cant wait for the next post.
    I agree with the comment before, if you could write something about meditation and a successful life (money, love,…).
    🙂 love


    1. Im writing down all your suggestions dear. Will try to write about all the topics you asked for. I promise I’ll share every week, many more tips and tricks that helped me💋 and will help you I’m sure


    1. Hvala puno na podršci draga Vanja. Ovo je tek početak. Obećavam puno korisnih saveta koji su meni pomogli u životu generalno. Zašto to drugi ne žele da podele, a znaju, zaista nisam uspela da dokučim 🤗


  3. I found your Instagram and blog at the perfect time of my life! Like the universe presented right in front of me! I have been living very similar to your 3 main points of exercise, food and skin care and I am now aged 36, people always tell me I look 26! But lately I’ve been struggling with my purpose and staying on track. The lifestyle part has gone easily into more “moderate” alcohol and exercise. My plan is to focus on being more the extreme side of healthy living. I just wanted to say thank you for your recent blog post as it’s speaking directly to me and I LOVE it!! ❤


  4. I wish i had known you along time ago. You don’t just write you speak to the soul. I enjoyed reading every word, every sentence.
    Thank you.


  5. Ne secam se kada sam tačno pronašla vaš Instagram profil🤔 ali ima istine da nikada nije kasno za mnoge stvari u zivotu. Prvo sam se pronašla u vašim ponosnim 50 ❣️I sama sam u tom Clubu od jula!
    Dankbarkeit – uči se svakim novim danom! Hvala na divnom , iskrenom tekstu.☘️ i vasoj Hrabrosti. 🙏🏼


  6. Zaklina you are such an inspiration! I so enjoy your words, your guidance, and your grace. Fashion is your vehicle but your lifestyle is a testament to leading a good mindful life. Keep up the amazing work!! ❤️


  7. I have been following you on Instagram for a few months now, just for the style but started getting more interested in your work out routine. After reading your biography I am amazed at your honesty, keeping it simple approach. It’s really refreshing. Please share your detailed exercise workouts with us. You really have put in a lot of work, physically and mentally with a lot of research on how to hold on to the beauty that you have, shape it into what you want it to be. I am very impressed and will try to follow your advice. Thank you.


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