Nobody wants to look older and people will go through extreme lengths to sip from the fountain of youth.

Prevention is much easier than turning the hands of time, and there are many simple habits that I’ve adopted to help keep my face and body looking soft and supple. This includes lifestyle, fitness is a non-negotiable priority, practicing good skincare, and after I’ve reached 35 I’ve considerate some medical treatments.

While I agree with many of the concerns people have, about the pressure on women to look younger, I also think it’s perfectly natural to want to look as youthful as you feel inside. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to seem knackered when you are, in fact, full of energy. I see no problem with seeking to restore the natural glow of your 20s, even if that means exploiting the artificial light of good skincare, treatments and makeup. It is perfectly reasonable to want your brows to stay where they were, and not gatecrashing your eyelids. Those who say Botox looks weird are talking about bad Botox, the kind you know is there. Administered correctly and in moderation, it can be fantastic and undetectable.

Preventions I did, that maybe can help you too:

If you smoke stop it immediately ( I personally never was a smoker, but saw what smoking did, to many of my class mates )

Smokers’ skin ages faster. The nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow on the surface of your face and hands, which impairs blood flow. As a result, the skin is deprived of oxygen and other nutrients that help it to stay looking young. The 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes also damage collagen and elastin, the two main fibres that help skin retain elasticity. Even if you can’t see the damage now, you will.

I Wash My Face Regularly

That’s clear🙂 I hope to everyone..if you need extra explanation check my previous post.

Put on Moisturizer Every day

Talking with many of my friends and many of you, that are writing me, I’ve understood that hardly anybody does it. Mostly the whole treat finishes with your face and neck, but actually treat that is obligatory, is the one that includes the whole body. Applying a moisturizer helps keep your skin looking hydrated and boosts collagen and elastin production. Treat your skin well by using quality cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (essentially, something that won’t clog pores and/or otherwise make your skin more breakout-prone). Quality doesn’t mean immediately expensive. I use a lot just a simple Nivea body cream ( when I need to dress in short time as coconut or argan oil takes more time to sink in).

Avoid or Limit Sun Exposure

Even I’m more than 8 months during the year, exposed to the Sun, I always remain protected in the shadow. When you expose yourself to the Ultraviolet radiation the collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin firm are broken down. This leads to wrinkles and an aging effect on your body and face. Therefore, Im always wearing a high SPF sunscreen (50SPF) whenever I’m going out and putting on a hat to protect (above all my face and neck from Sun exposure). It may not seem cool to cover up when you are young, but I can assure you, that you will be glad you did as you get older.

All I wrote above is what you’ve heard already so many times, and you expected to hear it from me too? Isn’t it? Well, this all above listed makes only 20%. !!! of slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life. That is why you all see me as something unusual. There are so many wealthy, world famous women, that following ( x10 times) all above listed, didn’t arrived to wished results. Why?

The biggest secret of all!! But seriously. Why nobody who knows about it want tell you? Have no idea.

Look what I’ve find out after 3 years of my own research:

Telomerase, an enzyme naturally found in the human organism, is the closest of all known substances to a “cellular elixir of youth”. Telomeres, repeating sequences of DNA located at the ends of chromosomes, play a key role in survival and aging. Preserving the length of telomeres has been shown to extend cell lifespan, and many researchers now believe that protecting telomere length holds the key to slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life.

Bruce Lipton, PhD helped me to link it all.

He is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief ( I’ve already mentioned you this book, read it 🙂 ). Here is what I’ve learned from him: The new sciences quantum physics and epigenetics are revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, challenging established scientific theories and prompting a complete re-evaluation of life as we have known it.

Placebos: The Power of Positive Beliefs

The placebo effect should be a major topic of study in medical school. I believe that medical education should train doctors to recognize the power of our internal resources. Doctors should not dismiss the power of the mind as something inferior to the power of chemicals and the scalpel.

Drug companies are studying patients who respond to sugar pills with the goal of eliminating them from early clinical trials. It inevitably disturbs pharmaceutical manufacturers that in most of their clinical trials the placebos, the “fake” drugs, prove to be as effective as their engineered chemical cocktails. It is clear that effectiveness of placebo pills is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

The fact that most doctors are not trained to consider the impact of the placebo effect is ironic because some historians make a strong case that the history of medicine is largely the history of the placebo effect. For most of medical history, doctors did not have effective methods to fight disease. Studies suggest that even when people know they’re not getting a drug, the placebo pills still work.

Nocebos: The Power of Negative Beliefs

While many in the medical profession are aware of the placebo effect, few have considered its implications for self-healing.

If positive thinking can pull you out of depression and heal a damaged knee, consider what negative thinking can do in your life.

When the mind, through positive suggestion, improves health, it is referred to as the placebo effect. Conversely, when the same mind is engaged in negative suggestions that can damage health the negative effects are referred to as the nocebo effect.

In medicine, the nocebo effect can be as powerful as the placebo effect, a fact you should keep in mind every time you step into a doctor’s office. By their words and their demeanor, physicians can convey hope-deflating messages to their patients, messages that are, I believe, completely unwarranted.

Our positive and negative beliefs not only impact our health but also every aspect of our life. Henry Ford was right about the power of the mind: “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t . . . you’re right.”

Now back to Telomerase and his importance.

Studies have shown that this specific part of DNA that keeps track of how many times a cell has divided, slowing down the aging process thanks to a positive belief and placebo effects.

As many researchers now believe that protecting telomere length holds the key to slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life, consequently the effect of positive or negative belief is directly responsible. When we are happy and optimistic our body produces positive pheromones that keep protects the telomeres from being snipped away. Think about positive thoughts that produce positive effects like varnish on nails. You cannot change the nail, but you can change the varnish again and again. What you’re doing is refreshing and replacing the old section with new protective molecules at the telomeres.

While you’ll find in every woman’s magazine, a lot of articles regarding “miracle” creams, expensive treatments, you’ll find none on the subject I wrote🤗. How many of you would come home from the store after spending an entire paycheck on creams and serums that promised the moon? American women between 30 and 50 lavish more than $1 billion annually on buying hope in a jar – so are we women just victims of marketing, being led like sheep to the cash registers? I saw many comments under articles from all over the world, written about me, (just google my name you’ll see them too 🙂 with different theories and rocket estimated amounts, they believe, I spend on “best creams”, massages, cosmetically treatments.. preventing me growing older. If that would be the true I would live in beauty salons without seeing daily light. That always makes me smile. Remember lies are complicated, the truth is always simple.

To so many, growing up and growing old is scary, boring, and even tragic. Though our bodies may not be as young as they used to be, there are some things that are far more important than gray hair or a flat stomach. Things seen, lessons learned, wisdom gained, friendships made, the love of a growing family tree, evolving perspectives—these are all blessings of being alive. After all Being Alive. Maybe we can choose to embrace the joys of growing older, because aging is a privilege not granted to everyone. My son Stefan Miljanovic, who passed at age of 23 in traffic accident, two and half years ago.. didn’t have that privilege.

My point is: That you can choose what to see. You can live a life of fear or live a life of love. You have the choice! But I can tell you ( and I’m at the same time a living proof for it: As I’m survivor of War and NATO bombing, cancer survivor, operated 2011. …And mother who survived the death of the most beloved son) That, if you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark world full of fear, your body’s health will be compromised as you physiologically close yourself down in a protection response.

Positive thoughts are a biological mandate for a happy, healthy life. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny

Love you my beautiful divine souls

Love you just the way you are ❤️

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Realfashionist is a piece of my heart and soul, that inspires me from daring elegance to smooth classics …from clothes to accessories that allow me to say who I am without saying a word. Building your own style, that doesn’t follow any rules, but simply expresses how you feel at that moment… shows who you are, what you dream of, long for, and sometimes the little desires you have. If you trace a line between 100 years old fashion photos and mine, you’ll see the common theme - lifestyle & character. If a musician dreams in sounds, I capture my imagination through fabrics, colors and style. It does not represent my mental state, but rather the emotions of the moment. Emotions that I express with strength & feminine force.


  1. Dear Zaklina,
    thank you so much for your articles.
    You don’t live in beauty salon, but did you visit SPA sometimes? Massage, sauna? Do you have a special day of treatment during a week?


      1. Thank you for your answer!
        What do you think about plastic surgery?
        Mammoplasty, lip augmentation and so on?
        As a method of body improvement beside fitness and healthy way of living


      2. Draga Žaklina, hvala Vam mnogo na ovom blogu. Da li biste mogli više da napišete o lošim stranama velnesa i spa programa (sauna, tepidarijum i slično)? Ja jednom nedjeljno idem u spa već par mjeseci, pa me zanimaju loše strane istog. Na Internetu se vrlo malo informacija o negativnim stranama velnesa može pročitati. Čini mi se da ste nekad na Instagramu pisali da često idete na masaže. Veliki pozdrav!


  2. First of all, let me compliment you on how fabulous you look! Thanks for the inspiration and very good tips. I also believe in positive thinking although it’s not always easy! I’m definitely with you on living a healthy lifestyle and having a fitness routine. Sorry that your son passed!

    xo Yvonne

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing your tips as it confirms that my years of eating healthy, exercise, positive thinking, and yes loving life is what I believe is the fountain of youth. I am 53 and I am living my best life. You are an inspiration and I love your posts and blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are gorgeous woman, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. You are the true inspiration for women all over the world. I’m 37 now, would you recommend some cosmetic procedures or whatever you started to do in this age. Thank you and thank’s God and Internet that I’ve found you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I absolutely enjoy following your ig account and what you have to say in your blog! Huge inspiration for everyone, so great to see it’s possible to feel and look that good as time flies so quickly. I turned 26 this year and definitely will do my best to implement all that you are talking about. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Cara volevo chiederti se l’esposizione al sole nelle prime ore del mattino ed alla sera prima del tramonto fissano il calcio nelle ossa sviluppando vitamina D anche con filtro solare… Grazie😘

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Dear, you look absolutely fantastic, thank you for sharing your time and experience with us. I just wonder, you’ve mentioned that at 35 you considered some medical treatments, please please please 🙏tell what exactly medical treatments you advise to do at this age ?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dear Zaklina
    Very interesting article! I too believe you are what you think and that the mind is possibly the most valuable asset we have with regards to keeping us young and healthy! I would love to see a post documenting a typical day in your life ….. You are truly inspirational in so many ways. Look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

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