How to turn your passions in to a business? Your most asked question in 2018

You find it difficult and you are getting inpatient to turn your passions in to a business?

“Are we there yet? “… “Are we there yet? “…“Are we there yet? “Was that you, as child, in the car?

And later on.. in the life:

” I really want that job where I’m going to be paid fortune every year..”

“I want to win the lottery “

“I want that car right now”

“ I want half million of followers” and you just opened your Instagram account 3 days ago..

I’ve realized that: Nothing great ever happens in the rush.

By growing up I thought the quicker you do something, the better. Not realizing that that’s exactly when accident happen. It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about how controlled you are.

So the first thing, to turn your passions in to a business is: PATIENCE

Now I’m taking my time for everything I do.

When I’m making my content, making pictures, preparing my blog posts, writing..

But how to stay patient? Start to realize the beauty of taking everything slow. It’s not how fast you travel, it’s how you feel when you are traveling. Think back to your own childhood and you probably remember your elementary school field trips the most. You’d get to leave school, and ride on a bus with your whole class, and sometimes the teachers wouldn’t enforce the dress code so you could wear what ever you wish. Excited kids on a bus school field trip. It wasn’t just that you got a reprieve from Algebra class that made this trips so exciting. It was figuring out who you were going to sit next to on the school bus, and all the other stuff that went on, once you were actually on the bus. Happy smiling children playing games and singing. First kiss on the back of the bus on the way back… The destination, once reached, was far less exciting than travel itself. Always remember that the process is more important than destination. Find the peace in the process.. when I started writing (long before I started my web site)

I was spending days alone, just writing and doing my own researches.. but at the same time I found so much happiness .. putting my words in to my sentences, I was finding my own peace in the process..

When I’m exercising, when I’m in the gym, running or swimming, I’m finding peace and happiness in the process, happiness in the journey. Forget about destination, forget about arriving somewhere. Focus on enjoying the travel, cause if you don’t feel good while you travel..even when you get there, you still not gonna feel good. It is exactly as by school field trips journey: Travel is even better than the destination.

Your questions are very similar:

How to get popular?

How to have more followers?

What is the best way to get paid contracts and sponsorships?

The best way I’ve learned is: To stay patient and trust the journey. I didn’t take shortcuts. Lot of people want to hang out on the finish line but they don’t want to run the race. They don’t want to do the work, don’t want to sweat, don’t want to have late nights, they don’t won’t to work on their dreams, they just want all to come to them, without doing any work. I’ve realized that Universe doesn’t give you something you ask for, it gives you what you are worthy for. Are you worthy for it? Did you put in the work? Were you with me in the gym? Where were you? Right? That is how I realized that we don’t get what we want, we get what we are worthy for. What we have put in the work for.

I go and visit your profiles ( that you are writing me from ) and I find that the first ever picture was published 3 days ago. You just started. You watch my profile than asking me how come my profile is so big?

Here we came to the second thing that will help you to turn your passions in to a business:

STOP COMPARING yourself to others

Just stop it!

Comparison is the greatest thief of joy!

I am sure the idea of not comparing yourself with others is not entirely new to you. Likely you have heard it dozens or even hundreds of times. Not comparing yourself to others has become a platitude. But it is a platitude because it is so true and so important. Comparing yourself to others is one of the easiest ways to feel bad about yourself. You see what others are doing on social media, at work, and on television, and compare yourself unfavorably with them. In short, making comparisons with others just sets you up for failure. Why? When you look at someone else’s success, you only see the result. You may be looking at years of effort, ( I’m package of fifty years of life experience, ups and downs..) comparing your beginnings to their end. To achieve the success you desire, you need to walk the road to success. It never helps to jump to the end and make comparisons to those who have arrived. Comparing yourself to others means you compare what you see in others to what you know about yourself. Things always look better from the outside than they do from the inside. People often put up a good front, making themselves look better to the world than they feel inside. You have no real idea about how they feel inside. Comparing yourself to others takes time. Our time is limited. There are only so many hours in a day. Why worry about what others have or have done when you can be taking action to make improvements to yourself? You have to run your own race. Focus on where are you going not where everyone else is going.


It’s so rare in business and in society right now, to see people that consistently go the extra mile. In the restaurant the server genuinely gives you what you expect or less than what you expect. You go in to the clothing store, you get what you expect or less than what you expect. You do business with any organisation it’s genuinely delivering on what you expect or more often, less than what you expect.

You have an gorgeous opportunity to lead the field in everything what you do!! By simply doing one thing, practicing every single day the ritual of over delivering! Don’t just give your customers or followers what they expect, give them 10x more what they can expect! Don’t just give your organisation, what your manager, what your boss, what the organisation is expecting from you! Show something that Is so rare in today’s economy: INITIATIVE ! You are asked to do a project? Give them 5 more things that they expect. You are asked to do presentation on something? Go the extra mille. Consistently dial in the daily habit of over delivering on people’s expectations and guess what? You will become a merchant of WOW! You’ll become indispensable to your organisation.

I started to work (long time ago), as regional manager for respective international layer corporation based in Rome. My first task was IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program for Balkan Area.. I applied (including 57 partners in 11 projects ) in different fields and my application was 100 % success. It was never done before during the history of the company. My chiefs told me, from the beginning, that usually at least 30% of the applications failed for the bureaucratic reasons, as in the many kilograms of documents are always missing some stamps or signatures.. I did everything possible and impossible to prevent such a thing and I succeed.

How? Because I knew that I can do it. Because I’ve always went that extra mile. I knew the importance of: to be indispensable. I remember working during the Summer, in the company where my father was working too. I was about to turn 16. I saw the top leader of the company and I asked my father how come that “HE” is exactly that person above thousands of workers. And my father responded: Because he is indispensable for our firm.

I won very important Balkan/ Fast rail tender afterwords, that was the financial and experience set up base for my own company. I am the owner and founder of the international consulting company working in the sector of infrastructure. Competing on the international tenders by uniting partners in joint ventures and participating as consortiums to the railways ( fast rail) and roads tenders.

I speak 5 languages and understand another 3 or 4

After my tragedy, 3 years ago, I completely lost interests in making career and building further, my empire, as my son died in the tragic traffic accident.

I started creating content that consisted of foto with my thoughts written in the capture underneath. That was my motive of the day to get up from the bed and wash my hair.. everything seamed so pointless. I had in my mind only the words of my son: “Instagram is something that will entertain you when you miss me”

(He opened my account and he was the one introducing me that social platform .. I wrote more on the subject on my previous post.)

Slowly the bond with my followers became stronger and helped me psychologically a lot. Not even noticing I started to apply my heart and soul in to it. Exactly the same principles of work, mentioned above, applied now on this new field gave exact the same results.

I’m making videos, inspiring many people, writing, making interesting posts about fashion and life style. Why? Because I sincerely love to do this and to help other people. But in that same process, now I’m paying my bills.

There is the rise and there is the fall. Life is mixed bag, inside you have: good, bad, ugly, ultimately it’s what you make out of it. And if you manage to make something worth of attention, next step is to learn all strategic points, in developing your business online. Real useful advice: find a way to participate to Inflowsummits, as I did. They are No 1 biggest world platform that connects The most important Brands and best Influencers from all over the world. And here I was again at INFLOW Global Summit’18 at Four Seasons Bosphorus with on stage conferences to be followed by B2I meetings where there is plenty useful informations to collect and implement in your future work. I’m talking about very practical infos like: What is the use of #InfluencerMarketing in different industries? How influencers marketing’s impact is measured? You can hear a valuable experience from Ryan Williams, who came over from Los Angeles to tell us about “The Influencer Economy”. You can also learn all about how to create: Authentic Instagram Content and the Power of Originality which is crucial for your work as Influencer. And most important you’ll get introduced to Inflowsummits new platform that aims to connect influencers and brands together: The INFLOW Bridge. Until now I utilize diverse skillset and creative background to collaborate with many brands in the fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle industries as a model, influencer/blogger and brand ambassador. Not only that I continue to partner with many luxury loved labels, thanks to Inflowsummits & The INFLOW Bridge I got involved in to many campaigns promoting world famous hotels chains like Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Shangri La, Marriott, Sheraton, etc.. collaborating at the same time with Ministry of Tourism of Qatar, Ministry of Tourism of Turkey, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways etc

A successful collaboration starts with an effective B2I Meeting! Effective meetings aren’t simply a matter of having an agenda and starting on time. It’s all about turning meeting time into sustainable results!

Check our last one held in Istanbul on 18.12.2018. In video below:

Hope that I helped with this post.

If you have other questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Love you my beautiful divine souls

Love you just the way you are

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Realfashionist is a piece of my heart and soul, that inspires me from daring elegance to smooth classics …from clothes to accessories that allow me to say who I am without saying a word. Building your own style, that doesn’t follow any rules, but simply expresses how you feel at that moment… shows who you are, what you dream of, long for, and sometimes the little desires you have. If you trace a line between 100 years old fashion photos and mine, you’ll see the common theme - lifestyle & character. If a musician dreams in sounds, I capture my imagination through fabrics, colors and style. It does not represent my mental state, but rather the emotions of the moment. Emotions that I express with strength & feminine force.

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