Michelangelo said: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

“I hate the way I look! I hate my hair, my nose, my stupid eyebrows! I hate everything!” Those are the messages I get from my followers.

How to get another look? Talking about a body feels like, talking about the person inhabiting that body. Young people mostly (but not only) are therefore interested in my advice to find the ways of getting thinner, sexier, more muscular in the belief that, if only they could perfect their bodies, they’d be able to perfect their lives. When I respond to a young person, “You’re fine as you are! Everyone will love you for who you are, not what you look like! It’s your personality that matters!”, trying to be helpful but my helpfulness usually falls on deaf ears. “Yes,” thinks ( and sometimes says) that person, “that’s all very well for you to say: you’re not the one who looks like this!”

It makes me always smile when some 20 years old person refers to me in that way, as I’m grandmother at age of 50. It seems more girls than ever feel the need to be perfect – at a time when the mental health of young women is a growing concern. The desire to be perfect, seems to influence thinking from a young age:

I’ve recently found research by Girlguiding UK found that a quarter of seven- to 10-year-old girls felt the need to be perfect. For a lot of young women who contacted me, body image was a huge preoccupation and many said they felt undervalued unless they met society’s expectations of beauty.

I feel a huge responsibility in a way, as my social media also, I’ve understood, plays a big role in influencing women’s outlook on this issue.

Let’s talk about who we are at first

Am I my body? Science says that at every moment, millions of cells of our body are changing and renewing, so that after seven years, there is almost no living cell in the body from those we had before. The cells come and go, they are born and die, but “I” is left. Is it, then, my body? Obviously not! If majority of atoms in our body are periodically replaced, who are we if not our atoms and we are not our cells? So many of us struggle to look younger on the outside. Are we misguided? But more on this subject next time..

The biological markers of aging are things like blood pressure, bone density, cardiovascular conditioning, and the wrinkles you have. Psychological age is your attitude to life. If you have a youthful mind, then your biological markers will reflect that, including your looks. Outer beauty—say, how fresh your skin is, how many wrinkles you have, do you look old or young—reflects what’s happening inside.

Real self-esteem means to be independent of others’ opinions. Not to see yourself as superior or inferior to anyone, and to have no fear of approval or disapproval. Or rejection. If your self-esteem is based on a social mask or plastic surgery, it’s not real. It’s at the whim and mercy of every stranger on the street or on the social platform. Sometimes it’s our biggest failures that teach us the most valuable lessons and letting things fall apart isn’t the end of the world – it’s a chance to rebuild it.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures offer people the option to reshape body parts that they are unhappy with, uncomfortable with and feel are unattractive. There are both cosmetic reasons that people choose to undergo plastic surgery and reconstructive reasons. Once, Anatomy was considered as destiny. Today, plastic surgery can influence that destiny positively, to boost self-esteem and self-image.

The world can be quick to judge, but altering one’s appearance comes in many forms, from false eyelashes to makeup, piercings, and fake nails. If someone’s self-image and self-esteem is boosted and their confidence improved, then it is a worthy undertaking.

As I’ve already mentioned it, in my previous blog/ post, prevention is much easier than turning the hands of time, and there are many simple habits that I’ve adopted to help keep my face and body looking soft and supple. This includes lifestyle, fitness is a non-negotiable priority, practicing good skincare, and after I’ve reached 35 I’ve considerate some medical treatments.

While I agree with many of the concerns people have, about the pressure on women to look younger, I also think it’s perfectly natural to want to look as youthful as you feel inside. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to seem knackered when you are, in fact, full of energy. I see no problem with seeking to restore the natural glow of your 20s, even if that means exploiting a good skincare, treatments and makeup. It is perfectly reasonable to want your brows to stay where they were, and not gatecrashing your eyelids. Those who say Botox looks weird are talking about bad Botox, the kind you know is there. Administered correctly and in moderation, it can be fantastic and undetectable.

And I’m loving it.

Cosmetic treatment one and only I do:

-Forehead Botox treatment

It is the first cosmetic treatment I started at age of 35. Before the aging process started to create the strong wrinkles. Botox, by working on the right muscles prevented creating these lines and even 50 today, my forehead is still “line free”. Don’t confuse Botox Cosmetic with injectable fillers. Dermal fillers work differently, plumping up tissues so that lines and wrinkles diminish or disappear. For the record, I am opposed to the many things women do to their faces in the name of youth. Collagen doesn’t make you look younger, just puffy. Regardless of who’s injecting it.

But, Botox gave me a smooth forehead that I’m satisfied with. I do it twice a year.

Plastic surgery procedures I’ve undergone:

– Breast lift, also known as Mastopexy

I had a small pair of my own breast that was just fine. They didn’t get in the way, didn’t get me any unwanted attention, and there was enough there that I wasn’t pancake flat. I was perfectly content. Than I got pregnant with my first baby. One of the first changes I noticed, along with general nausea, was my swelling chest. Suddenly, I was actually filling out a bra properly. I felt feminine and I really liked the balance that a bigger chest gave my figure.

I had my first serious case of engorgement in the first few days after delivery. I remember standing in the shower, as I tried to raise my arms to shampoo my hair and feeling pretty much horrified by these swollen, rock-hard boulders. It just didn’t felt like my body anymore. I remember thinking, this is why I’d never, ever get a breast augmentation (boob job).

After second child and breast feeding again for year long, back to my normal exercise routine I’ve noticed that not only my breast were sadly deflated, but due to the loss of fatty tissue, they were saggy too. I waited 12 years hoping that there will be some other ways to get back my breast shape, until I was 36, when finally I accepted a Breast lift, also known as Mastopexy, as a only solution to my problems. It is a procedure that removes the excess, sagging breast skin. This procedure has the goal of raising the breast tissue and nipple to a more attractive, youthful, and “uplifted” state. It also helps the breasts to feel more supple, similar to the pre-pregnant pre- breastfeeding state. I felt reborn and myself again.

– Rhinoplasty, I’ve undergone just a few years ago (commonly known as a nose job) is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form of my nose.

I’m more than happy with the results.

Not recommending:

-Lip augmentation with autologous fat grafting

During my preparation for the procedure of mastopexy I was informed about new technic of Lip augmentation with your own fat. I liked the idea. Was so enthusiastic that I’ve done it too. Unfortunately I was not happy with the results and removed it with very painful surgery after some years.

I am 1.82 cm tall but everything else you see, except that birth given fact, is product of hard work. Inside out.



Exercise increases blood flow and that keeps all your tissues healthy. I am also convinced the extra blood flow to my scalp makes my hair grow faster. 🙂

Human bodies, as me concerning, are just containers designed to carry souls. … I see my body/vehicle as a car /way of transport / of the spirit through this life journey…..It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself 🙂

In a world where waving a wallet becomes an erotic act and gluteus has become the target of a control ….and at the same time, greatest interest of contemporary culture..Take better care of yourself, give yourself attention. Real beauty is in the soul. Beauty is more than just external appearance.

Love you all and you know it ❤️ Stay happy 💋


Want half a million of followers Zaklina”, “Want to travel like you Zaklina”, “I want your clothes, your shoes, your bags” “I want to have your life Zaklina”… But, I am not my things.

I’ve got so many questions like: How can I become famous, have all that beautiful clothes and shoes, bags, become financially free, world famous, traveling the best locations in the world, having so many followers, like you?

Now, my dears, we have a lot to talk about.

My life has changed just by being on Instagram alone, inspiring daily almost half a million of people and that number is constantly growing.

Stop focusing on money! That’s where it’s first starts. When I was starting my Instagram account money was not even in my mind. What was in my mind was: How can I be of service to someone else. I had a tragedy in my life, lost my beloved son Stefan in a terrible traffic accident, that was my strong motive to start my account. I’ll write more on that, for me life changing event, in some other post.

The wealthiest people on planet, they don’t think of how can I make more money, they think of how to provide a better service to other human beings. You have to change your mind set from “I want to make more money” to “How to provide something useful to other human beings” Money is a byproduct of doing what you love. Money will come, but your heart has to be in it.

Stop being or dreaming to be a trust fund girl or a boy. Did you get everything handed to you on the plate? I didn’t. And you anyway ask or assume that must be an easy way. Like, there is a short cut and I know it. I feel huge responsibility to share with you the truth. Cause I see, that many of you think, there is someone, somewhere, serving it, on the silver plate. By taking the short cut to success it’s easy to get burned. Forgot to read disclaimer? The short road is not always the best one.. see all that examples of a young stars, modern idols of these days, who got famous over the night, (at the age of 16, 18..) by the time they reach 25 they are already third time doing rehab, having many other psychological issues, or worst, they are not alive any more. Burned out. Sometimes, my beautiful divine souls, the short road is not the best one. To arrive to the point to have the daily life that I don’t need vacation from, I’ve took a long road. I could chose the short one too, but, I’m 50 years old and today, I’m a package of all my life experience, my mind programming and my expectations. I could also take a short cut, but what is beautiful about the long road is WHO YOU BECOME in a long road. Can you imagine how many mistakes I’ve made? Do you know how much I’ve learned by taking a long road? Do you know how many amazing connections I’ve made through the long road? So many of us in life, want instant gratification. “Want half a million of followers Zaklina”, “want to travel like you Zaklina”, “I want your clothes, your shoes” .. “I want to have your life Zaklina”… That’s ok : I’ll give it to you 🙂 !! But you see, the long road when you do the work, when you build the foundation to stand on, its a lot more satisfying cause you put in the work! You put in the work! and now you are receiving all the glory. But more so, you have become somebody truly amazing. On the short road, you don’t change, you don’t become someone great, you just get the prize. On the long road, you find out who you really are. Don’t be afraid of work, don’t be afraid of the long road because in the process, you’ll become your best version and then you will achieve it all.

Now, you feel lazy to go and make it for yourself, but you see, everything I have today, I had to do it, by myself. Yes, I had my family that loves me, my beautiful husband encouraging me, but when I was starting Realfashionist, I had to create all alone. Don’t wait for things to happen, go and make them happen. Loose this idea that world owes you something, world owes you nothing. When I started to take responsibility for my life I’ve understood I can live reality I choose. But, I had to loose my mindset first, of being a trust fund person. I stoped for looking the hand out, and started going on the journey with in myself. Start exploring your talents and your gifts. I’ve realized I have the talent, but that was not enough. I had to make use of my talent. I had to start sharing my talent. I shared my talent to grow wealth. But the life Is not just about being financially strong, its about health, wealth, love and happiness. We need all of that.

I realized recently that there is the cosmic law of exchange. I became all I am by entering this low. I start seeing what I can offer to another people. It’s not just about Me, me, me… I’ve could done much more posts and videos, just talking about myself, but I’m answering many peoples questions instead, trying to help them with my experience, or just sending them nice message to make them feel better. Many of us, we are consumers. What I’ve realized is that I have to become producer. I changed my life style in to half producing and half consuming. I don’t want to be 100% consumer, so I wanted to create something. That is why I started at first with my IG account, started making videos, writing this blog. I started contributing to other people’s lives in valuable way. That’s how I entered the low of exchange. Nobody creates wealth by having this selfish mind set “it’s all for me”

You have to find what you are good at.

What is Zaklina good at? I’m good at making people feel good about themselves. I am good at talking to people. I’m good at fashion. I’m good at sport and nutrition. I’m good at helping other people make positive change in their mind, and move to the next level, just as I have done. I’ve always been able to transform happiness, pain, sorrow and tears into the positive energy. “Realfashionist” is living proof for it. But don’t fool yourself that you are good in something that you are really not. Get really good in something. Read around. Every single day I read and that increase my knowledge making me independent and financially free. I’m reading about successful people from a business world but at the same time I’m learning from people like Thich Nhat Hanh (poet and Vietnamese Buddhist monk) who says : There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way.

You have to put work in it.

Read around your field to become an expert in that what you offer to the world. You will never ever become a wealthy over the night. Rome was not build in a day. It takes time and passion. Your heart has to be in it. Forget about money, forget about fame. Do it because you can’t sleep without doing it. Do it because it feeds your soul.

I started to realize that it’s time to stop waiting for other people to make me happy. You have to find it by yourself. Make yourself feel alive and happy. Money is fear currency, from gold we moved to piece of paper. But money is a tool. I had at the beginning just a phone which I used I to produce my content, making pictures, videos. Than I’ve realized I have to invest to become financially free. I bought a very expensive camera and lenses, I invested when no incomes are made still. But I understood that it is necessary to move to another level. What are you willing to invest today to change your life forever? What are you willing to put up? To give? And that is the way. Learn from people who are already are, where you want to be. Find your inspiration in someone from business world like Amazon founder, FB founder, Apple founder ( over a hundred billion wealth) you can learn a page from their books, to understand how they managed it. Or get a spiritual wisdom to realize that your piece of mind is the highest form of wealth. So when you put pieces together you have material know how and spiritual wisdom.

You have to have fun. You have to enjoy what you are doing. You do it just by having amazing time and at the same time producing. Make sure to be authentic. You have to be yourself. Tap in to your true authentic ME. Show what you have that nobody else has. If you do the same thing as everybody else you’ll just be like everybody else.

Be ready to work overtime. I’m always producing. Cause I truly love what I’m doing. I’m not in it just for the money, money is just byproduct. Start loving a process. I got to learn how to work smart. Be prepared to work on Saturdays and Sundays ( like me today finishing this article while my hubby is waiting ) 🙂 are you prepared for doing that? No? Cause you want to go and hang out? I’m also going out, going to the most beautiful places, beaches, but at the same time I have a discipline to always create. On the weekends too. Don’t regret for not being where you think you should be at this particular moment. For a long time I didn’t have even thousand followers. Nobody was watching my profile but I was keep doing it believing in myself. We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. Start to learn how to work with people. Treat people with respect. I’m only as good as people behind myself. I’m deeply connected with people. I’m responding to your questions, visiting your profiles writing comments and many ask me why I’m still doing it? As I got already popularity became a “celebrity” ? I say: Because you are the one that get me here. And I love you my beautiful divine souls. So always keep in mind: Business is all about relationships. Accumulating-wealth is all about relationships and all about who you know. I don’t want to tear people down to rise up. I want to lift people up. At the same time still being truth to myself. Get out there, stop waiting for someone to hand you all on the plate and get your hands dirty. Realize if you truly want it, it will come! Most people don’t want it enough. That’s why it never comes to them. Love you my beautiful divine souls❤️

Love you just the way you are


Nobody wants to look older and people will go through extreme lengths to sip from the fountain of youth.

Prevention is much easier than turning the hands of time, and there are many simple habits that I’ve adopted to help keep my face and body looking soft and supple. This includes lifestyle, fitness is a non-negotiable priority, practicing good skincare, and after I’ve reached 35 I’ve considerate some medical treatments.

While I agree with many of the concerns people have, about the pressure on women to look younger, I also think it’s perfectly natural to want to look as youthful as you feel inside. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to seem knackered when you are, in fact, full of energy. I see no problem with seeking to restore the natural glow of your 20s, even if that means exploiting the artificial light of good skincare, treatments and makeup. It is perfectly reasonable to want your brows to stay where they were, and not gatecrashing your eyelids. Those who say Botox looks weird are talking about bad Botox, the kind you know is there. Administered correctly and in moderation, it can be fantastic and undetectable.

Preventions I did, that maybe can help you too:

If you smoke stop it immediately ( I personally never was a smoker, but saw what smoking did, to many of my class mates )

Smokers’ skin ages faster. The nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow on the surface of your face and hands, which impairs blood flow. As a result, the skin is deprived of oxygen and other nutrients that help it to stay looking young. The 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes also damage collagen and elastin, the two main fibres that help skin retain elasticity. Even if you can’t see the damage now, you will.

I Wash My Face Regularly

That’s clear🙂 I hope to everyone..if you need extra explanation check my previous post.

Put on Moisturizer Every day

Talking with many of my friends and many of you, that are writing me, I’ve understood that hardly anybody does it. Mostly the whole treat finishes with your face and neck, but actually treat that is obligatory, is the one that includes the whole body. Applying a moisturizer helps keep your skin looking hydrated and boosts collagen and elastin production. Treat your skin well by using quality cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (essentially, something that won’t clog pores and/or otherwise make your skin more breakout-prone). Quality doesn’t mean immediately expensive. I use a lot just a simple Nivea body cream ( when I need to dress in short time as coconut or argan oil takes more time to sink in).

Avoid or Limit Sun Exposure

Even I’m more than 8 months during the year, exposed to the Sun, I always remain protected in the shadow. When you expose yourself to the Ultraviolet radiation the collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin firm are broken down. This leads to wrinkles and an aging effect on your body and face. Therefore, Im always wearing a high SPF sunscreen (50SPF) whenever I’m going out and putting on a hat to protect (above all my face and neck from Sun exposure). It may not seem cool to cover up when you are young, but I can assure you, that you will be glad you did as you get older.

All I wrote above is what you’ve heard already so many times, and you expected to hear it from me too? Isn’t it? Well, this all above listed makes only 20%. !!! of slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life. That is why you all see me as something unusual. There are so many wealthy, world famous women, that following ( x10 times) all above listed, didn’t arrived to wished results. Why?

The biggest secret of all!! But seriously. Why nobody who knows about it want tell you? Have no idea.

Look what I’ve find out after 3 years of my own research:

Telomerase, an enzyme naturally found in the human organism, is the closest of all known substances to a “cellular elixir of youth”. Telomeres, repeating sequences of DNA located at the ends of chromosomes, play a key role in survival and aging. Preserving the length of telomeres has been shown to extend cell lifespan, and many researchers now believe that protecting telomere length holds the key to slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life.

Bruce Lipton, PhD helped me to link it all.

He is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief ( I’ve already mentioned you this book, read it 🙂 ). Here is what I’ve learned from him: The new sciences quantum physics and epigenetics are revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, challenging established scientific theories and prompting a complete re-evaluation of life as we have known it.

Placebos: The Power of Positive Beliefs

The placebo effect should be a major topic of study in medical school. I believe that medical education should train doctors to recognize the power of our internal resources. Doctors should not dismiss the power of the mind as something inferior to the power of chemicals and the scalpel.

Drug companies are studying patients who respond to sugar pills with the goal of eliminating them from early clinical trials. It inevitably disturbs pharmaceutical manufacturers that in most of their clinical trials the placebos, the “fake” drugs, prove to be as effective as their engineered chemical cocktails. It is clear that effectiveness of placebo pills is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

The fact that most doctors are not trained to consider the impact of the placebo effect is ironic because some historians make a strong case that the history of medicine is largely the history of the placebo effect. For most of medical history, doctors did not have effective methods to fight disease. Studies suggest that even when people know they’re not getting a drug, the placebo pills still work.

Nocebos: The Power of Negative Beliefs

While many in the medical profession are aware of the placebo effect, few have considered its implications for self-healing.

If positive thinking can pull you out of depression and heal a damaged knee, consider what negative thinking can do in your life.

When the mind, through positive suggestion, improves health, it is referred to as the placebo effect. Conversely, when the same mind is engaged in negative suggestions that can damage health the negative effects are referred to as the nocebo effect.

In medicine, the nocebo effect can be as powerful as the placebo effect, a fact you should keep in mind every time you step into a doctor’s office. By their words and their demeanor, physicians can convey hope-deflating messages to their patients, messages that are, I believe, completely unwarranted.

Our positive and negative beliefs not only impact our health but also every aspect of our life. Henry Ford was right about the power of the mind: “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t . . . you’re right.”

Now back to Telomerase and his importance.

Studies have shown that this specific part of DNA that keeps track of how many times a cell has divided, slowing down the aging process thanks to a positive belief and placebo effects.

As many researchers now believe that protecting telomere length holds the key to slowing down the aging process – and sustaining the beneficial qualities of a youthful life, consequently the effect of positive or negative belief is directly responsible. When we are happy and optimistic our body produces positive pheromones that keep protects the telomeres from being snipped away. Think about positive thoughts that produce positive effects like varnish on nails. You cannot change the nail, but you can change the varnish again and again. What you’re doing is refreshing and replacing the old section with new protective molecules at the telomeres.

While you’ll find in every woman’s magazine, a lot of articles regarding “miracle” creams, expensive treatments, you’ll find none on the subject I wrote🤗. How many of you would come home from the store after spending an entire paycheck on creams and serums that promised the moon? American women between 30 and 50 lavish more than $1 billion annually on buying hope in a jar – so are we women just victims of marketing, being led like sheep to the cash registers? I saw many comments under articles from all over the world, written about me, (just google my name you’ll see them too 🙂 with different theories and rocket estimated amounts, they believe, I spend on “best creams”, massages, cosmetically treatments.. preventing me growing older. If that would be the true I would live in beauty salons without seeing daily light. That always makes me smile. Remember lies are complicated, the truth is always simple.

To so many, growing up and growing old is scary, boring, and even tragic. Though our bodies may not be as young as they used to be, there are some things that are far more important than gray hair or a flat stomach. Things seen, lessons learned, wisdom gained, friendships made, the love of a growing family tree, evolving perspectives—these are all blessings of being alive. After all Being Alive. Maybe we can choose to embrace the joys of growing older, because aging is a privilege not granted to everyone. My son Stefan Miljanovic, who passed at age of 23 in traffic accident, two and half years ago.. didn’t have that privilege.

My point is: That you can choose what to see. You can live a life of fear or live a life of love. You have the choice! But I can tell you ( and I’m at the same time a living proof for it: As I’m survivor of War and NATO bombing, cancer survivor, operated 2011. …And mother who survived the death of the most beloved son) That, if you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark world full of fear, your body’s health will be compromised as you physiologically close yourself down in a protection response.

Positive thoughts are a biological mandate for a happy, healthy life. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny

Love you my beautiful divine souls

Love you just the way you are ❤️

I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed. If you believe it’s impossible you will finish where I started

Be realistic: You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, ‘I feel good, I have my health, and I’m so blessed.’ That’s the way I choose to look at it.

It is very complex to explain to all of you, that never tried to live a healthy life style, how to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle / body shape

I’ve decided to divide this topic in several fazes, and present you each week one of it. In that way, you can adopt and apply ( hopefully) all of them without extra stress and feeling it’s too much and you can’t handle it.

You don’t get into amazing shape by drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, eating moderate amounts of junk food, and exercising moderately a couple times a week. (As You don’t become a billionaire by working 40 hours a week). Extreme results require extreme efforts.

True change starts at the end of a comfort zone! I exercise all my life. For me it’s a part of daily routine, as washing my teeth. Since I was 10 years old which makes it 40 years of active sport ! 🙂 And the upside is, if you have already built a strong foundation over the years, it’s not that hard to get it back. It’s never too late to learn how to be fit and beautiful. People who start exercising later in life gain many of the same health benefits that lifelong exercisers enjoy. If you’re having trouble developing an exercise routine, here are some helpful tips to motivate you as well as to maximize your workout.

I exercise on most days, but Im mixing it.

I’m thoughtful about my meals.

I eat a lot of protein.

I don’t eat bread.

Im eating ASAP in the a.m. max 45 min from the moment I wake up.

I front-load my food.

I eat regularly and always have snacks ( fruit, almonds..to avoid going overboard, I try to keep things like candy and cupcakes out of my home. Out of sight, out of mind, and not in my mouth).

I only indulge in unhealthy foods when

I’m out.

I actually drink alcohol moderately (but better not at all).

I think of food as fuel — it’s what my body needs for the activity level I’m going to experience after consumption. It’s why often eat non-traditional morning foods like quinoa in the morning, then end my day with a lighter meal, like an egg white omelette with veggies.

I try new things in the gym ( at least one totally new workout each week).

I work different body parts on different days.

I watch the clock during my workouts and waste no time.

I don’t mess with my phone while I’m work out ( not taking my phone with me while in the gym).

As I’m traveling a lot I find random ways to stay active when there’s no time for a Real Workout.

I don’t really rest on rest days.

( I am actually pretty active while not exercising, running around and producing different content )

I don’t let busy days turn into cheat days.

( On days I don’t have time to workout, I make sure I eat very clean. But when I’m fully working out I let myself to take spaghetti or slice of pizza)

It takes a motivation and discipline to stick to your plan on a long run. Mass majority of the people are in terrible shape, so you have to look at where you’re starting. Make fitness a non-negotiable priority. Like eating, breathing and sleeping. We just need to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. That entails the obvious, but all too neglected habits of, eating better quality foods, sleeping more, breathing deeply and finding happiness to live a more balanced life. Are you the one of those people who spends a lot on clothes but little on food?

You need to have three things in place to stick to the new lifestyle.

First you need a purpose. If you want a better life, physical movement is the “ON” switch. Secondly: you need to plan all your workouts in advance — what you’re going to do and what time you’re going to do it. It’s like making an “appointment with a healthy choice” that can change your life for the better. And third, you need people to be accountable to. Being in great shape is easy when friends and family who want the same things, help to hold you accountable.

Always keep in mind:

I’m taking a good care of my body. .. It’s a vehicle for my soul. 🙂

That’s all philosophy.

Next topic I will dedicate to is: food. The shortest I can tell you for now: I don’t eat refined sugars or flour, or any foods that have had pesticides sprayed on them. … but since long time ago.. since the time, when dieting was not fashion too 🙂

I’m eating avocado a day, while making sure that I’m getting as many nutrients as possible with every meal. I rely on an all organic diet that consists of mostly vegetables and meat, fish, sea fruits ..staying away from processed foods.

Lots of fruits and water

Fresh juices

No alcohol no cigarets

Eat the food that has only one ingredient!

The next whole topic will be how to maintain your skin (here is the shortest introduction to it):

If you want to start the day off right, you need to begin thinking about your skin the night before. That’s my philosophy. First, I’m taking all care to be sure that I have removed my make up completely ! before going to bed. My mother has been telling me this since I was a teenager, now I repeat it often 🙂 but that’s really the best tip. Than I apply one evening Shiseido bio performance cream, the next one pure Argan oil or virgin Coco oil. You can find it in the various shops that sell natural products. Treat your skin well by using quality cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (essentially, something that won’t clog pores and/or otherwise make your skin more breakout-prone). Quality doesn’t mean immediately expensive. Seek out products that will keep your face hydrated but not make it oily. Remember that what is an almost-magic potion for one person may not work at all for another In the morning just a light hydrating cream and make up..

Don’t forget to moisturize 🙂

We are all the architect of our own biology

Dr Bruce Lipton former researcher

Stanford university wrote the book the Biology of Belief the book that I strongly recommend

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Love you my beautiful divine souls. Love you just the way you are 💋❤️

Don’t be afraid

Just don’t be afraid

When you turn on the news and you get all the downloads what’s going on in the world, it’s so scary.. But, here is something you can’t hear: Science is recognized that we are now on the 6. Mass Extinction on the planet! Mass Extinction event is were between 70%-90% of all organisms on the planet disappear. Five times already happened, in the history of Earth. Today we are loosing species even faster than any other previous Mass Extinction. When happened to the dinosaurs, the Earth was hit by the comet who changed environment, they couldn’t survive and dinosaurs disappeared. In previous 5 times causes were  massive geological activities like earthquakes or volcanoes. Today we are in the 6. Mass Extinction. Since 1970. when they  did the survey how many animals are living on the planet, 66% of the animals are gone! 2/3 of the animals are gone! 90% of the fish! Germany just reported after 27 years of studies 3/4 of the insects are gone!! We are now truly (as science recognized) in Mass Extinction. But the issue is whats the cause of Mass Extinction? Human behavior. We are undermining the ecosystem of life. Not only we are destroying relationships between the people all over the planet, we are destroying our relationship with the planet itself. We pollute everything and we are facing Extinction, in less then 100 years. They already know that won’t be fishes in the oceans until 2048! Planet Earth with no fishes, in few years from now. We are in that Extinction. We are causing it. What’s gonna save us? We have to change how we live on this planet. Not only how we live with other human beings, but how we live with every part of ecosystem, even the natural resources. We have to change our behavior. But first, we need to change our culture, because our culture is where behavior comes from. The way how we lived as civilization on this planet is: self-destructive. We can not build the world we want to survive in, on this foundation that is the cause of the problem. That means we have to change the civilization? We are in a Chaos faze, where we are bringing down an old structure that is causing us Extinction and involving the new structure that will support our survival. In this process means that: One is coming down and New one is coming up. What we are focusing on, in all the news is, what makes us feel: Oh my god, the world is falling a part!


If it doesn’t fall a part, we will face the more serious problems that you can ever imagine. The only way we will be able to survive is that old one comes down and the new one comes up.

The “ME TOO” reality! This is an evolutionary change, that means we are not going back. The issue of race and religion were just been fostering under neath of surface, like an abscess or wound and now has broken open in to the public. The public is saying: We don’t want this. So it’s forming the new way of living, while the old one is coming down. You can focus on news and all that negative stuff or you can say: Something new is coming, something better. Important part is, not to be caught in the negative perception of something that is actually profoundly powerful.  We are going some place. And if it doesn’t fall down, that would be the worst. I’m not fan of the politics, governments, but their failures are going to participate a change.  And those changes will collectively bring people from all over the world together. The millenium generation.  People 40 years old and younger are the future of this world. Unlike their parents who only lived in their local world, (what ever idea they got, was from the newspaper or local tv) that shaped their world view. Millenium generation, they are global, they are on the internet. They comunicate with no borders. Everybody are just “The people on the internet”. And this is bringing down old way of living. Because the community of the internet is supportive and we are all working together in this way. It’s like a nervous system that is hooking together several  billion people, to recognize a unity of life,  rather than the separation, conflict, walls, borders.  The walls are separating people from each other. The walls are coming down. New world is based on the new information. The old stories that were created, it doesn’t work any more. Revolution can only be done inside of ourselves. We have to change. Only us. Our personal comunications, this internet platform too, is the way of the future. That is why I am here as Realfashionist. Love you my beautiful divine souls, no metter where are you come from, no metter of your race or religion. ..Love you just the way you are❤️